The lingering odour from pets, mould and mildew or cigarette smoke in a home is off-putting and can be offensive to those entering your home. These odours intrude and pose an increasing challenge to eliminate the longer they remain untreated.

If you’re selling your home or moving into one that has chronic odour or if you simply want your home to feel fresh, only one sure solution exists - contact ServiceMaster Restore of Brampton and Orangeville. We provide professional odour removal services.

ServiceMaster Restore of Brampton and Orangeville, the restoration company of choice for Brampton, Orangeville, Caledon offers residential odour removal. Our team experienced and skilled professionals are odour removal specialists. We have the expertise to handle even the most invasive odour removal jobs quickly and effectively.

We use highly specialized equipment, and industrial grade deodorizing methods that don’t mask odour. We have multiple products that break up the chemical composition of the microscopic oil particles that generate odours. Our odour and smoke removal services will help you breathe easy again.

We remove pet, mould and mildew and cigarette smoke odours. Odours that have penetrated carpets, furnishings, belongings, walls, and all effected surfaces. Our odour removal processes are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


ServiceMaster Restore of Brampton and Orangeville takes pride in Restoring Peace of Mind® to homeowners in Brampton, Orangeville, Caledon. We offer 24-hour emergency restoration services. We are the disaster restoration specialists.

We work directly and collaboratively with you to provide outstanding results. We will guide you through the odour removal in your home. And throughout the process, we strive to minimize disruptions, and answer all your questions, every step of the way.

Contact ServiceMaster Restore of Brampton and Orangeville 24/7, any day of the year.

When you want your home to smell odour-free, call the odour removal professionals at ServiceMaster Restore of Brampton and Orangeville right away. We work to get the job done right and stay by your side until you are satisfied with the results.