May Flowers?

May Flowers?

Hopefully the proverb from last month, 'April showers, brings May flowers' holds true; the weather is continuing to warm up, which means barbecues,

lounging on the patio, camping... I guess we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but it's almost here! CANNOT WAIT!

However, in the meantime Mother's Day is around the corner, so from all us here at ServiceMaster to all the moms out there, HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!

Without all of you, we would not be where we are today. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

On another note, the last couple weeks we have had some whacky weather!

From an ice storm, to severe thunderstorms, and let's not forget the strong winds! Clearly, this weather has been wrecking havoc on our homes and businesses.

Quick Tip Of The Month

Keep a lookout for hidden leaks If the leak is not discovered early, the amount of water loss and damage caused may be extensive.

Signs of hidden leaks include:

  • Increases in the water bill
  • Wet surfaces
  • Water marks and swelling of the walls, ceiling, and floors

Once the leak is identified, it is best to remedy it immediately. In most cases, early detectation and a swift resolution could be the difference between a little job or a big job, which may require pulling out walls, ceilings, and other major structural components in order to fix the leak and repair the damage.

If you have questions, or need help, don't hestitate to give us a call!

Think of us as your friendly neighbourhood superhero!

From all of us here at ServiceMaster, Stay Safe And Have Fun!

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