March Madness!

March is like a mixed bag; it has ups and downs.

For example, for those that have kids, there is March break from March 12 - March 16, which could mean you have the kids home from school and that means vacation! Alternatively, it could also mean that they drive you crazy for a week, so you need to figure out things for them to do!

For the sports enthusiast, college basketball is quite popular for this time of the year, we have our March Madness pool going!

Finally, let's not forget that we need to throw your sleep pattern off with Daylight Savings time, which will being on March 25, 2018!

Clearly, there are a lot of random things going on in March. So, just in case you are planning to go away for vacation, here are 10 helpful tips to get your home vacation ready:

  1. Make your home look like it is being lived in (get someone/neighbour to pick up your newspaper
  2. Put at least one light in your house on a timer
  3. If there is a snow fall, make sure you have someone/neighbour shoveling it for you
  4. Unplug small appliances and devices
  5. Put the heater on 'vacation' or low mode
  6. Set the thermostat closer to outside temperature
  7. Make sure your smoke detectors are working properly
  8. Leave a emergency contact with a neighbour
  9. Throw away food that could go bad while your away on vacation and take out the trash
  10. Enjoy your vacation - stay safe and have fun!