Mould? We Do That

We get calls about mould remediation all the time. From a small spot on the wall to a whole house. We've seen (and done) it all.

Mould needs to be carefully managed, ensuring that the spores do not spread throughout the unaffected areas. For more information, you can watch this quick video.

We are doing a mould remediation this week at a condo that had parquet flooring as a base, topped with engineered hardwood.

Unbeknownst to the homeonwner, the air conditioner had been leaking, pooling water under the hardwood, causing the parquet to buckle after several weeks. This was finally visible with the hardwood heaving. Once the top layer of hardwood was removed, the mould damage to the parquet flooring was uncovered.

We immediately attended, contained the area, venting the affected air to the outside while we removed the mould and dried the area.

Thankfully, this was discovered before the damage got worse, and before the homeowner's health was affected.

Mould? We do that.