When it Comes to Preventing Water Damage, Speed is Key

When it Comes to Preventing Water Damage,  Speed is Key

No one ever plans on experiencing a home flood. It doesn’t matter whether the flood is caused by Mother Nature or a plumbing problem, the damage is always unanticipated.  However, being able to respond quickly to the water damage will help cut back on the financial costs of repairs and remediation.

Wait a minute before you jump ahead of yourself try to repair the damage without using a professional. Cleaning up after a flood can be very dangerous. You will want to avoid using any electrical devices near damp areas. We recommend always calling a water extraction expert immediately. It only takes mold 48 hours to begin growing in wet areas. The sooner our water damage experts can get to your location, the higher chance we will only be visiting for mold prevention instead of mold damage remediation.

First you will want to remove all dry items you can from the wet area of your home. If you leave these items in the flooded area there is a much higher chance they will develop mold damage. If any of the rugs or carpets are wet they will probably need to be removed. A wet rug or carpet is the prime location for unwanted mold growth so it’s best just to discard them instead of trying to repair them.

Any rooms that experienced water damage will have mold growth along and inside the walls. If any mold is found in these areas, the drywall will most likely have to be completely removed and replaced.

The sooner you call Restoration Professionals after you experience the initial flooding, the higher chance there is that we can get rid of the mold without significant repairs. Unfortunately if any mold has already started growing, mold damage experts will have to remove all the contaminated materials. The final step is making sure the entire home is dry. If you try and put your belongings back into a damp building you will soon see unwanted mold growth.

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