Have you had to hire a damage restoration company to repair damage at your property? If so, then you’re not alone. Many property owners will need the services of a restoration company at some point and time.  However finding a reliable company can be tricky. Just using Google may not be enough to make an informed decision for a reputable company. There are a few tips when researching a restoration company to determine that you get the best service and value.

Word of mouth is a great place to start. Ask your family and friends who they have used and what they thought about their service that was provided.

Review websites are an excellent way to get an idea of how other people view that company. Obviously not every person will be extremely satisfied or unsatisfied, but the average reviews should help to make a determination as to what kind of company they are. Yelp or Google reviews are both good places to check. Over the years Yelp has been gaining popularity to the point where most consumers will check a place on Yelp to determine whether it is suitable for their needs. Ratings and reviews left by individuals tend to be more honest about the service they received.

The Better Business Bureau offers an online check into registered companies. The BBB can verify a company’s certifications as well as their rating. This online search they provide is a useful tool, making sure to hire a restoration company with training and credentials is paramount. Trained professionals are the only people to call in an emergency restoration situation.

Research the company you are interested in by calling and asking questions. Inquire as to their credentials, certifications, services, warranties, and pricing. Most companies will provide a free estimate if you are close to their office or within a certain service area. If that is not the case, most companies who charge for estimates will apply them to the total invoice if they perform the work at your property. Ask about any coupons or discounts that may be available. Companies will often run promotions and if you are not familiar or “friends” with the company through social media sites then you may miss out. Before signing any contract, make sure you are comfortable with the company you decide to go with.

Depending on if your project is going to insurance or not, insurance companies can recommend restoration companies that they have worked with. While this is one way to find a reliable company, still be sure to call around, check reviews, and find a company that makes you comfortable! More importantly, make sure you are informed when you hire a professional damage restoration company!

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