Trauma Site-Clean Up

Trauma Site-Clean Up

When a death or traumatic event occurs unexpectedly or in a violent manner most property owners lack the knowledge and equipment to safely and permanently clean up and decontaminate the scene. 

Trauma scenes frequently contain biological infectious waste including blood and/or body fluids, viral pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B, bacterial pathogens, or hazardous chemicals including chemicals connected to illegal drug (Meth) labs.

The cleanup of a crime scene must be performed in a meticulous manner and with strict safety measures in place at all times.  The cleanup process involves detecting, disinfecting and removing all traces of hazardous materials including blood, bodily fluids, any bone matter and tissue, contaminated furniture, clothing, household objects and any other items that pose a safety risk.

Contaminated items, for example carpeting, other flooring, and furniture, are transported by certified biohazard disposal units in accordance with provincial and federal regulations.

Once the scene has been completely cleaned, sanitized, and all potentially hazardous materials have been removed, a final inspection is performed.

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