6 (more) Reasons for Professional Mold Removal

6 (more) Reasons for Professional Mold Removal

In a previous post we gave you five reasons to hire a mold removal professional. It turns out bringing in the pros is such a good call we have six more reasons to share with you.

  1. A professional team will find everything…

Because of the potential for structural damage and health problems (ranging from irritated skin to migraines to fungal infections), it's absolutely essential that you remove all major mold infestations from your home or business as soon after a disaster as possible.

One missed or improperly-removed mold colony could cause untold inconvenience and expense. Because they bring technology, training and personal job experience to the table, professional mold removal specialists will be far more able to find everything growing in your building than you, your family or employees.


  1. …and they'll find it faster.

After a flood or other major water disaster, you may be putting your entire life back together. Or, you may be on the other end of the scale, dealing with a smaller water emergency like a burst pipe or even a toilet overflow. In either case, your life can't just stop while you search for mold and remove it.

Mold remediation professionals will be able to complete their work while you're focused on other tasks and they'll be able to start immediately. That gets you back to normal sooner.

  1. Mold removal is a big hassle.

Depending on what has caused the mold, you're going to be required to deal with dripping, slippery surfaces and/or with crawling into inaccessible areas and removing materials and fixtures between you and the mold. Before you do so, you'll need to suit up with eye protection, a mask and protective clothing. Then there's the mold itself, which will be unpleasant to deal with, to say the least. If you're sensitive, you could have a lingering reaction as a result of any exposure to spores or dead mold.

You can avoid all that hassle by hiring a team experienced in professional mold remediation. As we pointed out previously, it's likely that your insurance company will be covering the mold removal, so taking the easy route won't even raise your costs.

  1. Disposal of damaged material can be a big hassle, too.

Everything that's been damaged by mold and many of the materials damaged by water will have to be removed and disposed of. In the case of a bad infestation, the resulting debris and garbage may be much more than you usually handle. On top of that, local codes or the rules set by your disposal contractor may prevent you from disposing of building materials in your normal trash pickup. Suddenly you're arranging extra pickups at extra cost, and moldy material may be sitting around onsite.

A professional mold removal company will already have disposal procedures set up for anything they may have to remove.

  1. Employee time is better used elsewhere.

If your commercial property has mold, there's a temptation to point maintenance staff at the problem and consider it solved. However, every moment they spend on that task is one they aren't spending using the skills you hired them for. In fact, no matter how sharp your staff is, they also almost certainly don't have the training and equipment of professional remediators. Imagine the resulting hassle if the removal takes longer, other work gets piled up and the mold comes back anyway. In the short and long runs, a professional team will cost less in time and money.


  1. When you do it yourself, there are literally no guarantees

Whether it's a written guarantee, a 100% customer satisfaction policy or even just good old-fashioned work ethic, your remediation contractor has a solid incentive to make sure your site is completely mold-free. You'll be able to rest assured they won't quit until it's gone.

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