New Cleaning System Has Less Environmental Impact!

New Cleaning System Has Less Environmental Impact!

 ServiceMaster of Brampton, Orangeville and Toronto West is the only restoration company in Canada using the Enviromatic cold water cleaning system. This system operates with ozone and cold water for the best possible results.  Ozone is one of nature's best sanitizing agents.

This new system has allowed us to provide more environmentally friendly cleaning processes by reducing the amount of water and utilities used. The Enviromatic system also enhances performance of cleaning chemicals.

While some of your belongings may be beyond economic repair due to water or fire damage, many can be restored using the proper techniques and our new Enviromatic cold water cleaning system. 

Environmental Benefits:

•It enhances the performance of chemicals and shortens the traditional wash cycle up to 30%

 •The use of chemical detergents and softeners are reduced up to 30%

 •Uses less water per load saving up to 85% of hot water and 35% of total water consumption

 •Uses cold water instead of hot. The cold water washing reduces natural gas up to 85% and electricity consumption up to 30%

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