Top 5 Tips for Avoiding a Flooded Basement

In the Forecast…Spring!

Finally! After a long, long winter, spring is upon us. Our favorite season that announces the end of short, bitter-cold days and long frigid nights. The baseball diamonds are filled with fielders, people are firing up the grills, and flowers and foliage bloom with color.  It's the season when the snow melts and gives way to spring showers that drench the ground.

The Bad News

The bad news is: It's the season when the snow melts and gives way to spring showers that drench the ground…which leads to flooded homes and thousands upon thousands of dollars in residential property damage each year. What a pain in the…basement.

ServiceMaster Restore of Brampton, Orangeville and Toronto West want to help you through it. Some of the suggestions are not fun or easy, but neither is a basement full of water. So, here are our Top 5 Tips for Avoiding a Flooded Basement:

  1. Remove Piled Up Snow From Around Your Foundation. Shovel excess snow away from your home's exterior walls and foundation. Avoid putting snow on sidewalks or streets, causing hazardous walking or driving conditions for your neighbors.
  2. Prepare Your Gutter System. Clear debris from gutters and down spouts. Reassemble any loose or misplaced sections. Clear piled up snow or ice formations that may inhibit water flow. Use splash blocks or down spout extensions to direct water away from the ground next to your foundation.
  3. Ensure Your Sump Pump is in Working Order. People often take this vital piece of equipment for granted, assuming it will be working when the water comes. Double check the operation of your pump to avoid costly damages to your property. If your home is not equipped with a sump pump, consider getting one installed.
  4. Consider Sand Bags. In extreme conditions, sand bags may be the only thing between your home and the rushing waters. If the water flow is particularly heavy, stack sand bags against any low-lying areas beside your foundation.  Just Remember: Water Flows Downhill. I know what you're thinking…DUH! But, just ensure that the water has some place to flow that is AWAY from the foundation of your home.
  5. If water does get into your basement, it is vital to remove it out as soon as possible. Otherwise, your basement can become an ideal environment for mould and bacteria growth. The water can also cause further structural and material damage.

If uninvited water finds its way into your basement, call us. We'll take care of it and help you get your life back to normal…fast.